Thursday, July 1, 2010


So we just got back from an AMAZING trip to Jamaica for my very best friend's wedding. We had a wonderful time and it was so relaxing. When I got back to work people asked me what we did and I said "Not really anything, but that was the best part!" We had no agenda, except for the wedding day of course, so we just did what we wanted. We met some new wonderful friends that I can't wait to hang out with again. We are already talking about doing a couples trip with all of them next year!
The first day we were there we spent most of the day in the pool. The water was very nice in the morning but by the evening it was pretty warm, but that didn't matter to us. We, or at least I, had a great bartender, Ueroy! He took great care of me and made me some of the most delicious drinks! We went to the beach a few times, but tending to stay in the pool because of the locals that try and sell you all sorts of things down there. They stayed in the ocean and the moment you came down to the beach they bombarded you. That was my least favorite part. Although the beach was beautiful! Travis Farst, one of my friends husband was walking around in the ocean and found a sea urchin and brought it to the girls on the beach! It moved in my hand, it was really cool and awkward.
On Sunday we went with our new friends, Monica and Justin Reese to the Dunes River Falls and let me tell you, if you ever go to Jamaica you need to go see this! It was the most amazing thing I have seen and I am so happy that we went. There was a steel drum band one night and they were great. It was our last night there so we were very tired and didn't stay long but the part we saw was cool. Matt and I also went into town on the last day to do a little shopping and just had a great time together.
The trip was so much fun. Stay tuned for wedding pictures!