Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hunter is 2 Months!

Yes, again I will say that I can't believe he is growing so fast and is already 2 Months!  Almost 3 because this mom is HORRIBLE at posting.  I need to get better because I want to be able to remember all of this once he is older.

                                                                                 So at 2 months my little man is:

  • Smiling ALL the time
  • Cooing up a storm
  • Loving his bouncy seat
  • Mimicking dad
  • Eating 5 oz's
  • Sleeping 4hrs at night
  • Sleeping in his crib
  • Still having reflux issues
  • Still LOVES bath time
  • Starting to enjoy tummy time
  • LOVES lights and anything bright

Loving bath time, but not sure about the wash cloth!

His stats: (these were at his 2 month check up on June 27)
  • 75% head circumference (still)
  • 23.5 inches long
  • 11 lbs 13 oz


I am enjoying all the time we get to spend with this happy little dude.  He has truly been a wonderful baby.  Watching him learn new things, like that if he kicks he can make the lights on his bouncer turn on, is so much fun!  He is kicking his legs a lot and will move a ton while he is asleep.  I am thinking he might start pushing himself up soon but we shall see!

Cool Dude (Daddy dressed him in his 'Ladies Man' onsie)

How could you not love seeing this smile everyday!  It is moments like this that make those sleepless nights just fad away!


Being a mom is one of the hardest most rewarding jobs I have ever had!  I would NOT change it for anything in this world.