Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Cat Lady

So I have NEVER been a cat person.  I grew up with dogs and thought cats were so anti-social.  I love dogs because when you come home they run up to you happy and loving and the only cats I had ever been around would just scatter!  So needless to say cats where never on my list of pets.

Miss Rocky the first day we got her.

Until I met Matt.  He and his dad are what I would call a little obsessed with cats.  They think of them as people and tell stories about them as if they actually did something.  I found it quite entertaining as we were dating and now realize I do the SAME THING!  Ugh what happen to me.  For instance Matt will tell me while we are at the store that Rocky texted him saying she needs more treats.  And yes what do we do, go buy treats. (We are sad and need a human baby soon).  I listened to Matt tell me stories about Smoke his cat from back home all the time and could see how much he really did like cats.  I told him I was not a cat person and we would not be getting a cat.  Well 4 years later we have 2!

She loves to ride in the car....and drive!

yes, she eats my breakfast when I am not looking!

We got Rocky while living in Texas and she was perfect.  She loved on us when we got home and pretty much stayed out of things and just kept to herself.  I got this bright idea that she needed a friend once we bought our house, so in comes Hank.  He is a terror!  I could have a whole blog just on things he does!  but again, my heart is his and I love that little guy to pieces.

Such a sweet face after I found the mess on the floor.  Only a mother could love :)

So after saying I would never own a cat I have grown to love the 2 we have.  They are very different from most cats I knew growing up.  They come when we call, they love on us when we get home, and they don't scatter when people come over unless they bring their dogs with them.  :)  I do believe that Hank thinks he is a dog though.  He likes to get in the trash and pull out food, he chews up everything, plays with the dogs toys and is not afraid of water!

      Hank not impressed with my work outs!                    He spent the first few days on my chest 

 And yes, this is what I came home to yesterday.  The dogs were NOT in the house so I know it was a certain little black animal.  Gotta love him though cause he curled right up in my lap and started to purr so loud.

I have now become the cat lady how might possible be a little obsessed too and will tell you stories on my cats all day long.