Thursday, September 25, 2014

Where have I been?

Well it has been awhile since I have posted...time has really gotten away from me. So here is a short and sweet update of what has been going on with The Schafers!

1. We are preparing for Schafer #2's arrival. We found out that we will be welcoming a Baby Girl! She should be here not later than November 24 (thank you gestational diabetes for a week early induction date!)

I am still have dreams the sonographer was wrong and that we will be having another little boy instead. So I have been trying to keep focused on putting together a little girl nursery and not worrying about the anxiety and the dreams.

2. Hunter is taking up a lot of our time as he learns and explores new things. He will be 17 months on the 26th! From his doctors appointment last month he is skinny, short, and has a big head! I LOVE everything about him.

He talks all the time. He calls all the animals Rocky Cat, even though we only have 1 cat named Rocky. He is starting to say the other animals names but for they are all still cats.

3. Hunter had eye surgery for clogged tears ducts and did GREAT! He was such a champ during the whole process and of course he won over every nurses heart! :)

4. Hunter has a wild imagination and I so enjoy watching him learn. He likes to build things and then thrown the on the floor or down the stairs to see them break apart. He also likes to play 52 card pick up! He LOVES to ride on the mower with dad, or any other thing such as a side by side, gator or tractor!

5. Football season is in full swing! The Texas A&M Aggies are off to a great start. Wish I could do to a game in the new  updated stadium, but maybe next year! Kansas State is also doing great and I look forward to seeing them in Big 12 play.

6. We have done some house updating by redoing the upstairs bathrooms and painting (yes painting) all the trim in the house. It has taken a long time and the trim is STILL not done (hard when it's only you working on it). Once it is all done it will look great!

So that is just little bit of what is going on.