Sunday, March 2, 2014

Hunter is 10 Months!

Hunter turned 10 months on February 26 and man was it a BIG month for him!

"Check me out ladies!"
  • He learned to blow a duck call (made his dad very happy)

  • He Learned to Walk

  • He started saying "uh oh"
  • Feeding himself 'food' or mainly veggies and ravioli
  • Learned to wave 'bye bye'
  • Got our first haircut!
He went from Harry to Lloyd!  :)

Mom, what is this thing?
Things Hunter Loves
  • Bath time (still)
  • Juice
  • His puppies
  • His elephant that shoots balls out of it's nose
  • 'talking' REALLY loud

Ok, I will keep in on for you!

Things Hunter Dislikes
  • Nap time
  • Cleaning his eyes or nose
  • The moment after he is put down after being carried
It has been a great month and I look forward to all the news things he will do this month!