Sunday, January 16, 2011

I knew I couldn't...

Well I told everyone I would blog every day for 30 days and well I made it 3 days!
Yep totally suck at this blogging thing. I guess I could start back on the 30 for 30 blog thing or I can just start blogging about whats going on in our lives...oh the decisions. I guess stayed tuned for an update...

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day Three...First Love...REALLY???

This one could go in so many directions for me, ugh! I have actually been thinking about what I was going to write on here for the last few days and it has kinda got me stressed out. Oh well guess I will just dive right in.

So when I first started thinking about this I was like, so my first love would have been in elementary school, and it was TJ Wickman. I know I know for those of you Midway folks but yes it was him....and then the week changed and there was someone new on the playground to chase :) So the first, chase me on the playground, write all over my notebook kinda of love was TJ.

Then jr high and high school came and I really didn't date anyone. I would like someone for a while and then we would start talking and then I was over it. Nothing lasted more than a few months until my crush was someone new. Looking back on it now, I hate the fact that I would do that. I just thought that the next guy would be the one that I would REALLY like and the one that I would want to spend more time with but it never happened. I was never content so I never really had a first love in high school.

Once college came I did meet someone and I did fall in love with him. He was my first love...or so I thought. The love I had for him was just on the surface, and didn't go much further than that. We rushed into a lot of things and because of that things ended in heart break. We did care a lot about each other and there was love there but now I see the difference.

Which brings us to now, my first and last love. My husband is the man that I can truly say is my first true love. He is the man that comforts me when I am sad, he laughs with me, cries with me, listens to me complain about stupid crap and more. The love I have for him is not even comparable to any other love I have had in my life and because of that I know that this is love. I know it might be cheesy for me to say he is my first true love but its how I feel. He has it all...I would chase him on the playground if we were kids, I would want him to be the guy I found in high school that stuck around after a few months, and he is the guy I found after college that I love on a much deeper level than I ever thought possible. Its the type of love that no matter what is going on in my life he is my rock, my comfort, my voice and more. That to me is my first love, the love that last no matter what, the type of love that makes me want to be a better person.

My First Love

Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 2...Blog Name

Well I am totally boring and just came up with The Schafer's...well because that is who we are. When I first began my blog it was "Soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Schafer" but now it's just "The Schafer's". I have thought many times about changing the name but I can't seem to come up with anything creative! Maybe I should ask the hubby for suggestions because he can be pretty witty and come up with some great stay tuned maybe for an update :)

On a side note there is something else I think I should talk about in this blog that will be happening in 2011 and no I don't mean babies...I will be running my first half marathon! I am super excited and ready for the challenge. It is 1 of the things I have put on my bucket list...which is very small at the time but I think a bucket list should be an ever revolving thing, right? So anyways, I am in "training" right now and have been doing pretty well so far. I will be sure to keep you updated on my progress!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day One...a little late

So I was not around a computer at all yesterday except when we were at our friends house and I didn't want to take time away from them to blog, so I am starting the 30 day blogging today!

My name is Rachel and I live in Kansas with my wonderful husband and our 3 crazy pets, Scout, Tiffany, and Rocky. I work at Kansas State University and Matt works at Dalcan Concrete...or something like that. I think it has more than 1 name and I always get it wrong ;)
Recent pic of The Schafers...minus Rocky.

I have been trying to figure out 15 facts I would put on here for days and I think I might have them so here it goes...

1. I am a Christian, and I can't wait to get settled and find out home church here.
2. I am a daughter to the most amazing parents, who are celebrating their 24th year of marriage today!
3. I am a sister to the craziest group of siblings out there...Jason-the weird older brother (haha love you), Lea-the oldest sister and she thinks she is the funniest of all of us...i beg to differ, Joe'l the other older sister who dad says was mine and Lea's interpreter growing up because she was brunette and we were blonde...she did a pretty good job of explaining things to us :)
4. I am an Aunt to 1 goofy nephew and 3 adorable nieces.
5. I am an Aggie to the core! I love Texas A&M and everything that it represents.
6. I have my Master's degree in Counseling and Student Development from Kansas State, where I met my husband, and am now contemplating a PhD....CRAZY!!!
7. I am training to run a half marathon by April of this year and then have the Chicago full marathon on the calendar for 2012.
8. I married my best friend on April 11, 2009 and have never been happier.
9. We will be buying our first house in the next few months and I am very excited!
10. Some people would say that I am a bit obsessed with my dog Scout but they don't really know the full story.
11. My favorite food is steak and potatoes and would love it if I could eat them everyday.
12. I am a beer girl and have tried very hard to like wine I just can't....oh well beer is cheaper anyway.
13. I really love my job and I am making great friends there.
14. My favorite color is MAROON! haha go figure
15. I am extremely hard on myself and don't think I am ever good at anything or good enough for things...maybe I should have left that fact in my head!