Tuesday, March 27, 2012

10 Miles!

Wow I can't believe I actually ran 10 miles this past Saturday, but I did!  It was such an accomplishment but it was also SO HARD!  I never thought the miles would end.

Matt was so sweet because he got worried about me so he headed out on the 4 wheeler to come and find me.  He found me on my last mile sucking wind but it was the last bit of motivation I needed.

Miles 1-4 were pretty good, and I was enjoying the outdoors and exploring the lovely town of Paxico.  My music was great...although I now know I need a longer play list, the water was working and I felt good!

Miles 5-9 terrible!  It might have been because for most of that I was running on a slight incline and the wind was right in my face and it was getting hotter.  I tried to focus on my music and not think about the miles but the problem I have is once I get into my head it is hard for me to get back out.  I talked myself into a downfall and it was not good.  I kept saying there is no way I can do this, I am so slow, this is so stupid....and many more bad things.

Mile 10 I found some energy and probably because the hubby came with his encouragement, some ice cold water and I stopped for about 30secs to take a drink and talk to him.  Once I got back going I had a hill to get up and then it was smooth sailing.  Once my garmin beeped it's lovely beep at me for the 10th time I thought I might cry!

So I made it and it wasn't pretty but I made it.  A few hours later my legs were pretty tight and a little sore but after a good nights sleep I was feelin good.  Running by yourself is hard!  I wish I had people around here to do these long runs with but I live out away from so many people that run it's not possible to run together.  Maybe I can convince Matt to get a bike so he can at least keep me company!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

St Patty's 10K

This past Saturday I ran the St. Patty's 10K here in Manhattan, KS.  Let me just say it was such a fun race BUT it was HOT and WINDY!  The race did not start until 10:45 which is pretty late for most races and by that time the wind was about 20mph and it was in the 70's!  Needless to say I still had a good time. My sweet hubby was such a trooper also!  He went into Manhattan to support me by sitting at a bar drinking green beer and watching the K-State game.  I have to give him credit though because he did wave at me as I passed by the window after I finished the 10K!  Love him :)

I tried hard not to go to fast at the beginning or even during the whole race because I knew that after the 10K I still had 2 more miles to go on my long run day.  It was pretty tough to stay at a consistent pace because I kept wanting to go faster because I was feeling pretty good!  But I did the smart thing and didn't speed up.

Me, Leslie and Zoe after the Race!

I finished the 10K in 62 minutes and then went on to finish the last 2 of my 8 miles on the schedule.  It was a tough day but it was an accomplishment to say the least.  My first 10K race and the farthest mileage I have ran.  So far training has been going great.  It has been fun to be back on the streets running again and really enjoying it this time!  I am trying not to think about time's just thinking about not walking.  I mean obviously I have a time in mind that I would like to finish in, but I don't want to harp on that and get down on myself if I don't make that.  Just finishing the half marathon and not walking is my biggest goal... :)

Friday, March 9, 2012

7 Weeks Away

So I am 7 weeks and 2 days away from my first half marathon!  I am doing great on my training and really enjoying running again!

Monday I was in Rogers, AR for a conference but I did not let that stop me from getting my miles in.  It was a little chilly because I went in the morning when I usually run over lunch but I made it.  I should probably get used to running in the morning!  It was nice to explore a new area by running even though I didn't explore much it was nice to have a different scenery to look at.  I also ran with another conference attendee which was nice.

Wednesday was crazy windy in Kansas so I opted for the gym to get my 4 miles in.  What I try and do when I am on a treadmill is to start at a certain pace and then keep increases each mile or so just to work on speed.  So I started at 9:40 pace and kept that for 2 miles, then mile 3 was at 9:31 and mile 4 at 9:22 with increasing the last minute to the finish.  It helps to do this on a treadmill for me since it keeps me on pace better.  So it was a great feeling to get the 4 done while increasing my speed and still feeling good at the end.

Thursday was a little chilly but it was sunny so it was outside for me.  I ran over lunch with my friend Leslie. It's nice to do this so we have the time to catch up, at least during the first half when we talk  :)

Saturday will be my long run day and I have 6 on the schedule.  It shouldn't be that bad since I have done 6 before but you never know.  Any day could be a great one and any day could be the worst run you have ever had.  All in all I am so happy to be back at it and so far so good on no injuries!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

April 29...The BIG Day!

That is the day I will run my first HALF MARATHON!  That is right friends I signed up and am going to do this!  Last year I had signed up for one but got hurt and was unable to run.  I did not have any plans to sign up this year as I thought there would be something little growing but since that is not the case, I took the plunge and signed up.

I am so excited but nervous at the same time.  I can't believe I am going to do this but also I can't wait!  I am going to do my best to not be hard on myself and realize that all I want to do is finish without walking.  No time limit this go around, just finish.

Some maybe wondering if we are putting off starting a family and the answer to that is...HECK NO!  It has been a long year and some months so if I get pregnant then I get pregnant.  If not then we keep trying.  I kept putting off this half marathon for the 'what if I get pregnant' and then realized that I can't keep living my life for the 'what if's' and I need to start living my life for the things I can do.

So please pray for me and with me as the weeks go by.  It's going to be a fun ride!