Friday, September 30, 2011

Pinterest is going to make me go BROKE!

So I am in love with Pinterest and if you aren't on it you should be because it's AWESOME!  I have found so many cute ideas that I would LOVE to do but don't have the money.  Oh Matt is going to hate the fact that I found this lovely new website!  HAHA

So anyway, I was actually able to make one of the things I found on Pinterest and I made it for FREE!  Got to love that.  Matt brought me home a pallet from work and we went to work on it together.  It was a lot of fun.  So below is the progress and finished product on the kitchen wall.

We have been trying to decorate our kitchen and came up with the "country kitchen" theme so I want to create wall decor out of a pallet to have it look like an old barn wood or something.

We took the pallet completely apart...ok so Matt did most of it and I watched!

Then we put it back together with very little direction because it was hard for me to explain to Matt what was in my head...sometimes I wish he could read my mind...sometimes!

And the finished product!  We still have to get things to put on them but I like the way it turned out!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Hi God, it's me....Again

Heavenly Father, I know we haven't spoken in a few weeks and for that I am sorry.  I know that I should not come to you only when I need you but it seems like that is the habit I have gotten into.  I want to come to you daily, for my joys, for my heart break, for nothing at all.  I know I should I just don't.  But I come to you now on my knees asking for you to help me.  I need patience, understanding, compassion, and hope.

I need patience that your timing is in all this and that when you are ready for me to have a baby it will happen.  I need patience to understand that it is not all about my wants but about your desires for me.  I need patience to understand that people ask because they care not because they want me to hurt more thinking about it.  And I need patience with Matt that I stop taking my emotions out on him and that I can be patient with his desires as well.

I need understanding about why.  Why can't I get pregnant, why can't it be me?  Why is it me that is struggling.  Did I do something wrong?  Have I not been good enough to deserve a baby?  Help me to understand your desires for me and my family.

I need compassion for Matt.  I need to learn to not take this out on him and realize he has done nothing wrong.  I probably need compassion for myself so that I will stop being so hard on myself but I truly feel this is all my fault for the actions I have done in the past.  I need compassion or really a desire to be joyful for others that are pregnant or having babies.

And Lord, I need hope.  Hope that I am meant to have a baby, or hope that you have other plans for us.  I am lost right now and I really need you.  I know that I should be in conversation with you all the time not just when I need something and I am trying...I just need you.

Friday, September 16, 2011

We went HOWLIN!

This past weekend I went home to Texas to celebrate my sister Joe'ls 30th birthday.  I had SO much fun with her, my sis Lea, my momma and her friend Vicki from high school.  It was a successful girls weekend.

On Saturday morning Lea and I headed to the Heart of Texas Soccer fields to watch Emma's first soccer game and she did great!  She scored 1 goal and almost scored 3 more.  She had such a great time and I loved being able to see her play.

After that we headed to my parents house to drop of Emma and pick up Joe'l and mom.  My dad got to stay home with all 3 grand-kids....Emma, Haylea, and Matthew.  Pretty sure he was exhausted once we got back!

We got to the hotel in San Antonio and then headed straight out to Dicks Last Resort and if you have never been there I highly recommend it.  We had such a great time and the food and beer were delicious!

Next and last stop was Howl at The Moon!  That night the Aggies won the Fight Song Duel!  WHOOP!  It  was a lot of fun and Joe'l had to get on stage for her birthday and do the adult hockey pokey :)  It was so funny!

It was a great time and I can't wait for the next all girl trip!