Friday, September 30, 2011

Pinterest is going to make me go BROKE!

So I am in love with Pinterest and if you aren't on it you should be because it's AWESOME!  I have found so many cute ideas that I would LOVE to do but don't have the money.  Oh Matt is going to hate the fact that I found this lovely new website!  HAHA

So anyway, I was actually able to make one of the things I found on Pinterest and I made it for FREE!  Got to love that.  Matt brought me home a pallet from work and we went to work on it together.  It was a lot of fun.  So below is the progress and finished product on the kitchen wall.

We have been trying to decorate our kitchen and came up with the "country kitchen" theme so I want to create wall decor out of a pallet to have it look like an old barn wood or something.

We took the pallet completely apart...ok so Matt did most of it and I watched!

Then we put it back together with very little direction because it was hard for me to explain to Matt what was in my head...sometimes I wish he could read my mind...sometimes!

And the finished product!  We still have to get things to put on them but I like the way it turned out!


slayer said...

hey! that's us!

Kyle and Marci said...

We were on the same page today with our pinterest posts!! Love the pallet idea's on one of my boards :)