Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Pumpkins and Halloween 2014

It was another great Halloween for the Schafer's. Hunter was a little more into the pumpkin carving this year than last year. Obviously his age had A LOT to do with it :)!

So fun!
He had so much fun cleaning the pumpkin out with dad. He just kept saying 'oooohhh' 'aaahhh' and laughing uncontrollably. We did a self portratit of Hunter for the pumpkin...ok not really but we tried. HAHA.
Let me get some more
The best part was when we turned out the lights and lit the pumpkin and Hunter gave the most infectious belly laugh. There is nothing better than the laugh of a child.
Look, it's me!
We anxiously waited for Friday night! We did not let Hunter Trick or Treat but he did pass out candy to the other kids. Or at least he tried :) Mostly he just ran around like the crazy pants that he is and entertained the adults.

Max heading out
But then again, that might have been better than passing out candy anyway. Matt found the costume he wanted Hunter to be...Max from "Where the Wild Things Are". He wanted to dress up as one of the Wild Things but we could not find an Adult Costume.
Crown kept falling down
Maybe in 2 years we can prepare better (I say 2 years because the Max costume will fit Little Miss and Hunter can go as a Wild Thing:)).

So with Halloween 2014 in the books we are on to anxiously waiting for Little Miss to arrive, Thanksgiving and Christmas! I LOVE this time of year. Be thankful for your blessings!