Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We are moving...

So we have finally found a house that Matt likes. He has been so picky! Even worse than me :) (But I still love you honey)But we have the place and we have started to move in a little at a time. I don't have pictures yet, but as soon as I have them I will upload some. It is just a rental house but right now that is fine with us. We did not want to buy and leave in 3 yrs or so since Matt works in construction and the company he works for can not promise anything after the current job he is working on. We hope that he will be able to stay with Linbeck and move up the ranks, but it is not certain, so renting is our best option. The house is in Fort Worth right off 35W. It will be about a 30 min drive for me to get to work, but I am ok with that. We both like the house, and the neighborhood, so the drive is nothing!

Now that we are moving we will have to figure out what we are wanting to do about church. We have been attending Gateway Church in Southlake and absolutely love Pastor Robert. He is so real and to the point, that we ALWAYS get something out of the sermon. And he makes us laugh! Gateway has 2 different campuses, one in Southlake and one in North Richland Hills. I mapped them both today from our house and the NRH campus is only like 30 mins. They have a 5:45 service on Saturday nights which would be great because Matt and I could go to that and then to dinner or something. It could be our date night. So I think that is what we are going to try and hope that the drive does not get to much. But I drive 30 mins for work, I think I can drive 30 mins, for God. Keep us in your prayers as we take on this new adventure.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jamaica here I come!

I can not wait until June 21, 2010 when I will be in Jamaica celebrating one of my best friends getting married! I will have the privileged of being a bridesmaid in Amber Lee and Chris Perry's wedding! Amber has been like a sister to me for so many years. We met back in the 6th grade when she was my big sister in volleyball. We had so much fun that year giving gifts and making memories that our friendship just continued to blossom. We remained friends through high school and even after she graduted since she was a year older than me. I hung out with her a lot during my senior year while she was a freshman at Baylor and made such great memories. I went off to College Station the following semester but our friendship stayed the same. She has been there through everything. Bad boyfriends, crazy family times, a very hard divorce, and more. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your big day Amber and Chris. I can not wait. I love you both!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Relieved...well kinda

So for the past few days I have been feeling sick every time I ate something. And so of course most people jumped on the pregnancy band wagon, and all I could think was no way! We just got married, we don't want a child this soon. I had all sorts of ideas of how bad it was going to be if I was pregnant and how the timing was all wrong and so forth. Finally I made a doctor's appointment, because it was getting pretty bad. Food, the smell of food, weight gain and so forth. I had prepared myself for a positive outcome...and it was negative. The doctor confirmed there is no little schafer's growing just yet :) She concluded that it was the pill I was on and changed it again.

So you would think I was relieved right? And I was a little but then another part of me thought of how great being a mom would be, and how much fun it would be to watch our baby grow, and learn new things, and all that fun stuff. So needless to say I am relieved that we are not having a baby because we did just get married and I want to just be with Matt for some time before we start a family.

I just get to keep being the best aunt in the world now! Some day when Matt and I are more ready (because is anyone ever really ready for a baby) we will try for some little one's. But I guess it is still ok to be a little upset that it wasn't positive.

Lea sent me this picture today and it made me realize that even though I don't have a little one yet, I can still spoil this adorable little girl.