Tuesday, March 27, 2012

10 Miles!

Wow I can't believe I actually ran 10 miles this past Saturday, but I did!  It was such an accomplishment but it was also SO HARD!  I never thought the miles would end.

Matt was so sweet because he got worried about me so he headed out on the 4 wheeler to come and find me.  He found me on my last mile sucking wind but it was the last bit of motivation I needed.

Miles 1-4 were pretty good, and I was enjoying the outdoors and exploring the lovely town of Paxico.  My music was great...although I now know I need a longer play list, the water was working and I felt good!

Miles 5-9 terrible!  It might have been because for most of that I was running on a slight incline and the wind was right in my face and it was getting hotter.  I tried to focus on my music and not think about the miles but the problem I have is once I get into my head it is hard for me to get back out.  I talked myself into a downfall and it was not good.  I kept saying there is no way I can do this, I am so slow, this is so stupid....and many more bad things.

Mile 10 I found some energy and probably because the hubby came with his encouragement, some ice cold water and I stopped for about 30secs to take a drink and talk to him.  Once I got back going I had a hill to get up and then it was smooth sailing.  Once my garmin beeped it's lovely beep at me for the 10th time I thought I might cry!

So I made it and it wasn't pretty but I made it.  A few hours later my legs were pretty tight and a little sore but after a good nights sleep I was feelin good.  Running by yourself is hard!  I wish I had people around here to do these long runs with but I live out away from so many people that run it's not possible to run together.  Maybe I can convince Matt to get a bike so he can at least keep me company!


Erin Moore said...

You are a rock star! Great job! <3

Travis and Natalie Riley said...

I am so so proud of you!!! Running 10 miles is a huge accomplishment AND if you can run 10, you can easily bust out 3.1 for that half marathon goal. Just keep your eyes focused on that end result. You've got this! Wish I could be thereto run with you.

Linds said...

you are AWESOME rachel!!