Monday, April 9, 2012

Birthday 12 Miler!

Yes, I ran 12 miles on my birthday and it was great!  I know it is weird to say that running 12 miles was great but for me it was.  The last 2 weekends I have had really BAD long runs and felt like there was just no way I was ever going to be ready for the half marathon in a few weeks but after this weekend, I know I can do it!  It is going to be tough but I have it in me to finish and not walk!  I am pretty excited.

I had to wait a little while to get start on Saturday morning because it was storming but that did give me time to have some wonderful birthday pancakes from my hubby!  Probably not the best pre-run food but I didn't care.  After we check the weather forecast and saw that there was no more rain on the radar I got ready and headed out the door.  This time I took some energy chewables from Powerade with me and I really think those helped.  Matt came to check on my around mile 6 to make sure I was doing ok.  He gave me a little pep talk and then headed back home.  As I was rounding the corner on mile 11 I saw him again.  He was waiting for me, gave me some water and then I was off to the finish.  It felt great to get those 12 miles in.

I had a little companion for part of the run.  Since I live out in the country it is pretty typically for dogs to be running loose.  As I was running past a house their dog decided that I needed some company and it was at a great time.  It was around miles 6-8 that he keep up with me.  My route is an out and back so the dog was with me about a mile past his house and then I turned around heading back towards his home.  I thought once we reached his house again that he would not follow me but I got about another half mile down the road and he was still with me.  I figured that he would probably follow me all the way home so I turned back around and took him home.  His owners were apologetic but I told them that I enjoyed having a running partner for a few miles and it was no big deal.  They were really nice and told me to come by any time!  So that was fun.

So I got the 12 miles in and now it's tapering down until the big race on April 29!  I can't wait to get my first half marathon under my belt.

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Jennie said...

You are going to do GREAT. If you can do 12, you can totally do 13. I think they say adrenaline buys you about 3 miles, so you've got it!!