Friday, March 9, 2012

7 Weeks Away

So I am 7 weeks and 2 days away from my first half marathon!  I am doing great on my training and really enjoying running again!

Monday I was in Rogers, AR for a conference but I did not let that stop me from getting my miles in.  It was a little chilly because I went in the morning when I usually run over lunch but I made it.  I should probably get used to running in the morning!  It was nice to explore a new area by running even though I didn't explore much it was nice to have a different scenery to look at.  I also ran with another conference attendee which was nice.

Wednesday was crazy windy in Kansas so I opted for the gym to get my 4 miles in.  What I try and do when I am on a treadmill is to start at a certain pace and then keep increases each mile or so just to work on speed.  So I started at 9:40 pace and kept that for 2 miles, then mile 3 was at 9:31 and mile 4 at 9:22 with increasing the last minute to the finish.  It helps to do this on a treadmill for me since it keeps me on pace better.  So it was a great feeling to get the 4 done while increasing my speed and still feeling good at the end.

Thursday was a little chilly but it was sunny so it was outside for me.  I ran over lunch with my friend Leslie. It's nice to do this so we have the time to catch up, at least during the first half when we talk  :)

Saturday will be my long run day and I have 6 on the schedule.  It shouldn't be that bad since I have done 6 before but you never know.  Any day could be a great one and any day could be the worst run you have ever had.  All in all I am so happy to be back at it and so far so good on no injuries!

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Adrienne said...

How exciting! I wish I had the motivation to run more than a few blocks haha! I'm going to attempt jogging with the nugget once I decide on a jogging stroller- we'll see how that goes! Can't wait to see pics of you crossing that finish line!