Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bowling and a Wedding...WHAT??

So I have not updated in a while...yes I am a bad blogger! It has been really busy with the end of classes, our conference track meet, and traveling that I just have not had a lot of time. So here is an all in one blog of what we have been up to.

We went out a few weekends ago with some great friends. Who knew bowling would be so much fun for adults who can't really bowl! We had a blast. It was a great way to get out of the same old routine of just hanging out at someone's house and watching tv. We had a ton of laughs, a few almost kicked out moments, and way too much fun. I can't wait to do it again.
The 1st weekend in May we went to Kansas to our dear friends, Eric and Lindsey's wedding. It was a beautiful wedding and such a blast. These 2 are perfect for each other and I am so happy to have been able to share their special day with them.
Last weekend was the Southland Conference Track meet and UTA hosted it this year, so on friday I was scheduled to help but they did not need me, so I spent most of the day outside watching the meet. We had a 4 hr rain delay so the meet went well into the night, but I left around 9:30. I am just too old to be staying out that late...hahaha! Saturday I was going to head back out to Arlington to watch again, but we decided we would head up to Aubry to hang out with the Riley's (more on this later). Sunday was a big day for our track athletes. The came up a little short with the women's team getting 2nd behind SFA and the men's team getting 4th. I am so proud of all of them and can't wait to see what next year holds.

Saturday night was a blast as usually with the Riley's. Matt and I headed to Aubrey Saturday night and had such a great time. We ate wonderful food, took a tour of the town, and then played our favorite game-Catch Phrase! Pretty sure the guys cheated, but we will let them say they won. We are looking forward to Memorial Day when we will head up to Lake Texoma in Fred (their camper) with the Riley's for a weekend of fun!


Travis and Natalie Riley said...

yay for game night with friends! can't wait for Mem. day weekend in Fred :)

Christian Family said...

You are PRECIOUS!!! Got your message, but if you don't mind...send me your email(a.l.christian@hotmail.com).
I will add it to blogger and then they will send you an invite to our blog.
And...LOVE your blog...will add it to my view list if you don't mind!!!
Happy WEEKEND!!!

Brandon and Kensie said...

Vegas was SO fun...you'll have a blast!