Thursday, June 10, 2010

Adventures in Fred

We spent memorial day with the Riley's at Lake Texoma and had a blast! Natalie and Travis found a great RV spot right next to the water. They took "Fred" up on Thursday night because we did not know how long Jackson would wait to grace them with his presence and they didn't want to miss out on a great spot. We got there late friday night, so after we got Fred ready we sat around had a few beers then went to sleep so that we could be ready for a full day.
We woke up saturday to a beautiful morning! We watched a family of ducks grab so food from the shore and it was super cute when they lined up to get back in the water! We spent most of the day just hanging out and playing laddergolf or redneck golf depending on which one you prefer. The girls were AMAZING at it! The boys still need some practice. We went fishing later that day and then sat around the fire, played games and just relaxed.

We went to the pool on sunday and stayed in our own little corner! It was a great time. Sunday night was a lot like Saturday with just hanging out by the fire, playing games and talking. Fred had a little accident on Sunday night from the storm but I have been told he is being taken care of and will be good as new!

Thank you so much to the Riley's for letting us join them on this wonderful trip. We look forward to many more adventures with them!


Brandon and Kensie said...

Looks like fun...glad you guys had a great time!

Kyle and Marci said...

I'm glad to see Fred is getting some use. I know the Riley's would rather see Fred chasing hail or hurricanes. Looks like you guys had a fun weekend!

Travis and Natalie Riley said...

yay for camping adventures with the Schafer's. I forgot to include the geese in my glad you covered it :)Have a great time in Jamaica!