Monday, June 10, 2013


I can't believe Hunter is already over a month old!  I am trying to adjust to this new life so that is why the ol' blog has taken a major backseat!  I am trying to play catch up and first thing is his 1 month update.

  •  21.5 inches long (grew 1 inch since birth)
  • 10lbs 1 oz
  • 75% head circumference

  • Loves bath time
  • Always smiling unless he is hungry
  • Sleeps about 4hrs at a time at night
  • Does not like to go to sleep when we try and put him down at night but will eventually fall asleep
  • Hates being put in his car seat
  • Hates tummy time
  • Loves going on jogs with mom
  • Loves his time watching baseball, golf and Duck Dynasty with dad
  • Starting to laugh
  • Mimics his dad 
  • Continuous fills our hearts with joy
He has changed our lives for the better and I can not imagine my life without him.  I am blessed that God chose me to be his mom!  He has been a true blessing for Matt and I.  He has been so easy and I sometimes wonder if that is God's way of telling me that His plan was perfect from the beginning and because of our struggle he has blessed us with a very peaceful and loving little man.

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