Thursday, November 20, 2008

My First post

So I thought it might be fun to start blogging, so we will see how it goes. I don't know if anyone really wants to know what I going on with me, but if you do here it goes.

Currently I am planning my wedding to a wonderful man. He is someone who keeps me grounded, keeps me laughing, and shows me more love than I could have ever asked for. Planning a wedding is pretty stressful but we are trying not let it brings us down or take our focus off the wonderful outcome. I am living in TX right now, but we are going to be getting married in KS so it has been hard to plan without being there so I can go talk with vendors, or go get ideas after work. Most of the planning is done over the weekend, or over the phone with Matt. He has been so great and been more involved than I would have ever thought. He is up in KS until December when he will finally move down here with me and he will start his career at Linebeck Construction.

I am starting on my guest list which is a little hard. People that I have not spoken to in months send me messages saying..."can't wait for the wedding," "I better get an invite," and things like that. What should I do? Do I send the invitations or not? I don't think they will come, but I also don't want to invite people that I have hardly spoken to. Advice??

We will be taking our engagement photos in January in KS so it is going to be cold! I am not really looking forward to that, but it is the only time we can do it. I hope they come out ok and don't show how cold we are!

That's all for now. Any advice about blogging from the experienced one's would be great.

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Alisha said...

Rach...this is you and Matt's day. Invite the people that you want to be there. You don't need to spend extra money on people that are just suddenly "coming out of the wood work" for your wedding. I cannot believe that people actually try to invite themselves to weddings. People shouldn't be putting you in that situation anyway, but it is not something you need to be worrying about. Anyway, my advice is to invite the people that you want to celebrate your wedding day with and don't worry about anyone else. Love you!