Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Birthday Fun and more

Matt's birthday was last week and we had 2 parties for him. The weekend before his birthday we invited friends over and cooked out. We played horseshoes, the Wii and just had fun hanging out. Then this past weekend we were in Waco and and hung out with my sister, her husband and another couple Saturday night. We went to Crickets and ate then played some shuffle board. It was a blast! Then on Sunday after church we went out to my parents and my dad cooked great food and we just talked and hung out. I love being able to do this now with friends and family. We hardly ever had people over when we lived in the apartment because it was so small and cramped. Now with the house it is fun having people over. Matt and I really enjoy cooking out and socializing so it is a great feeling to finally be able to do this. Now that I am closer to family it is great to be able to go home for a day or a weekend and spend time with them. I love being back in Texas and hope that we will be here for a long time.

Some pictures from the weekend at our house. Matt had not blown out candles in years. He enjoyed it. Even Scout got in on the fun!

This group is so much fun. I love going down to Waco to hang out with my sister and Chris. We always have a good time. And Matt even got to blow out candles again. Thank Lea for making the cupcakes for Matt! They were delicious.

Matt and I have enjoyed his birthday gift from me. I got him Mario Cart for the Wii. We have had so much fun playing it. We are still kids at heart.

Matt, I love you and I hope that you had a great birthday! I look forward to spending many more in the years to come.


Brandon and Kensie said...

So fun! Looks like marriage agrees with you!! ;-)

Abigail said...

Oh Crickets - Waco never changes!