Thursday, June 4, 2009

Reality TV

So I am going to admit something that I have just admitted to myself. I love reality TV. Not all the shows but just a few. I don't think I am obsessed but I do tend to watch every episode and if I am not home at the time I have either recorded it or I watch it on-line the next day. I know I am a sucker. But for some reason I really do like watching it. With that said I am going to talk about/vent about a few shows I have seen recently.

The Hill's
So I began this journey by watching Laguna Beach and then following Lauren on to The Hills. I loved this the beginning. Towards the end I just became more frustrated, yet I still watched it. I watched this show and was a little jealous of their lives but now I am so happy that I live a modest life without lost of money, or drama. I like where I am at and would not live in a place like that for anything. I enjoyed the drama to an existent but sometimes it just became dumb. The last 2 seasons I think may have put me over the edge. I am tired of hearing about Spencer and Heidi. He was such a jerk and Heidi was so dumb. He finally became somewhat nice in this last episode but I just wonder how true it is. Although I did not understand why, I do wish the two of them the best in their marriage. I am happy for Lauren though. She has grown up a lot on the show and I know she will do great things. I liked watching her because I did feel like she was really and easy to relate to. She also had some cute clothes :) With her leaving I don't know if I will watch it anymore because I don't like Kristin, but I am sure I will end up watching just to see what goes on.

The Bachelor/Bachelorette
Yes I am one of those that watches this show. I don't know why because I think only 1 out of the 10 or so have even worked out. I love Trista and Ryan :) But anyways I do watch it and root for the people I like. Last season I was devastated with the rest of the country when Jason did what he did to Melissa. She was such an amazing girl and I can not believe he did that to her! But great for her for moving on and doing great! She has such a great heart and she deserves the best. This season Jilian is kinda getting on my nerves. She is keeping guys that just don't seem right, or truly seem like they are on the show to promote themselves. I know she doesn't see everything that goes on, but really can someone be that naive?? I think Wes is on there just to promote his music career, I don't trust Juan, Tanner's foot thing is getting a little ridiculous but I think Ed, Kypton, and Dave (I think is his name) are great. So needless to say I will keep watching to see how things turn out...I mean it is summer what else is on :)

PS-I can not believe I just used an entire post on reality tv! I have no life...and wedding pics will be on soon.


Kyle and Marci said...

I love your new background! You were a gorgeous bride :)

Brandon and Kensie said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your new blog background and header! Doesn't she have some cute ones? Your pics are SO good! How's married life? ;-)