Thursday, November 12, 2009

Being Thankful...

How could this not make you smile!

I saw this idea on facebook (thanks Amber) and thought how great it would be to until Thanksgiving I am going to post daily what I am thankful for. I may even extend this longer, we will have to see.

So today I am thankful for...My sweet husband.

Matt-thank you so much for loving me the way you do. You put up with all my crap, my A&M obsession, my wonderful dog Scout, and more. You have giving selflessly to me over the past few years and continue to surprise me everyday. My life was completed the day that I met you. You gave up everything you always knew to move to a big city to be with me. Leaving behind a life that you had always dreamed of, and for that I thank you. You have shown tremendous support for me during my darkest hours. You fought for me even when I stopped fighting for myself. You have put up with fatty bobatty (AKA Scout) even though he annoys the heck out of you. You even wear maroon, when K-State is not playing! I think I have even caught you wear an A&M shirt just for the heck of it :) You love me despite my flaws, and when I am mean or rude to you. You forgive me easier than anyone because you love me. There is so many great things to say about you and why I am so thankful but despite all I have said, I am so thankful for you because you saved me.

Our song is exactly how I feel about you. A few of my favorite lyrics from Wade Bowen's "Who I Am."

"Now that your in my life Baby I know exactly who I am...I love you oh so very much, love you more than words can say, and I don't know how or why but I love you more every day."

Thank you again for fighting for me when I said we could never date because I was moving back to Texas. Thank you for seeing in me more than I could ever see in myself. Thank you for making me smile and laugh when I feel like I can't. And thank you for loving me unconditionally. I love you!

This picture was sent to me with a caption saying...What has 2 thumbs and loves you move than anything in the world??? THIS GUY! :)


Brandon and Kensie said...

Being married to a great is AWESOME! SO happy for you!

Alisha said...

Ya'll are SO cute! I'm so happy that you found one another! Even though I'm sad that we are so far away and therefore don't get to see each other or even talk much, knowing you have Matt makes me smile because I know he takes such good care of you. :) Love you lots!