Friday, March 26, 2010

Elite 8! EMAW

I thought K-State was going to give me a heart attack at an early age last night! Although I do believe I had a slight anxiety attack! But after 2 OT they finally got the job completely done and beat Xavier 101-96! I am so proud of them and the toughness they showed last night. Let's just hope that the next game against Butler does not go to OT or I might just have a heart attack! And for you non K-state people EMAW means "Every Man A Wildcat"

You might be wondering how I can be following K-State even though I am a die hard Aggie. Well 2 reason-1) I got my master's from Kansas State and just fell in love with the town and the college while I was there, 2) The love of my life, Matt, graduated from there. We at least have K-State in common! Even though I was very sad (actually I cried) when the Aggies ran out of time against Purdue, I can say that I am lucky because I have another team that I can continue to cheer for. I will always be an Aggie, but today I am a Wildcat! LET'S GO STATE!

We are heading over to our wonderful friends, Natalie and Travis Riley's house (well her parent's house) to help them cheer on the Baylor Bears against St. Mary's. Matt was going to try and find a bear costume to wear to show his support but we didn't have time. Gotta love him for trying though!

Happy Friday Everyone...and hopefully there will be no more anxiety attacks!