Monday, February 13, 2012

Runner's high

So I finally reached it....the Runner's High!  It was a great moment and made all the set backs seem so far away. I have been struggling to run again after my injury and it just didn't seem like things were going to ever work out, but for once I did not give up and kept working at it and finally I was able to get over the 3 mile hump!  I was having trouble running further than 3 miles for a few weeks and finally something just clicked and now I have the ability to keep going.

I ran 5 miles this past Saturday and that is the furthest I have ran since my stress fracture almost a year ago.  It felt great!  I still had energy at the end and the rest of the day I was able to still walk around and do things and was not exhausted.  It was such a great feeling.

I am not training for anything at this time, I am just running.  There is something about lacing up my shoes and putting in that ipod that just gets me going.  It is my best time to let go and to think.  That might sound weird but it is.  I am able to let go of  A LOT of things while I am running and it helps in my every day relationships. It is such a great feeling and I am so happy to be where I am.  I look forward to getting in a few extra miles each week and to see just how far I will be able to go.

Oh and I got some sweet new kicks!

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