Thursday, October 18, 2012

Schafer Party of 3

I am so excited to finally announce that Matt and I are expecting!  We have been waiting to tell this news for over 2 years!  The road has been long but it's finally here.

Matt and I struggled the last 2 years to get pregnant.  Last year we thought it was finally going to happen when I found out on Halloween that I was pregnant!  We were so excited but there was a part of me that had a bad feeling.  Well those bad feelings became true on November 30 when we had a miscarriage.  The next few months were like a blur of emotions.  Finally in February we were back on our fertility treatments and all was going great.  After a few months the doctor suggested trying an IUI so we did and the 2nd one we had worked!  I was still worried with everything that happened last time but after an ultrasound at 6 weeks and then again at 10 weeks and hearing that wonderful heartbeat I felt tons better!
I knew exactly how I wanted to announce our pregnancy and the only photographer that would work was Ken Doll.  He did our wedding and is the best!  He is a close family friend so it just made sense.  We did our pictures last week and I was so excited to see them!  He did such a great job.

So, here is to a great 7 more months or so!  We can't wait.


Abigail said...

I'm so happy for you guys! God is so faithful and His timing is perfect (even if it's not our timing). Take it easy and get ready to fall in love more and more each day with this little bundle!

Jennie said...

I am SO HAPPY to see this news on the blog! So many prayers have been said the last two years - and now this sweet blessing is on it's way! Can't wait to make him/her a burnt orange blanket (JUST KIDDING - I have the perfect maroon color...) :)

slayer said...

That is pretty dang exciting! I'll be sending some pink camo out your way. I am very convinced its going to be a girl! If I am wrong, you can punch me.