Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It's a....

Yes, this post is a little late but better late than never right. 
A few weeks ago we have a Tacky Sweater/Gender Reveal Party to reveal what Baby Schafer was going to be.  I was pretty excited to find out and tell our friends and family.  Matt and I thought all along that we would find out with everyone else but after some thinking we decided that we wanted to know before the others so that it was something special with just the 2 of us.  So we opened the envelope before we dropped it off at the bakery.  I cried and Matt was so overjoyed!  His face lit up and it made it all worth it.

Since Matt and I already know we decided to let Matt's parents open the cupcake to reveal to everyone else.  They were so excited when they saw the blue icing!  It was so fun to find out with our friends that we are going to have a little boy.  Pat (my father-in-law) actually ate a smaller cupcake before the party started and did not realize the icing inside was blue!  It was so funny once he realized what he had done.  It all worked out because we still had a great reveal and a wonderful party. 

 I had already called my parents and sister on Friday after we found out to let them know.  It was a special time for all of us!
Opening the cupcake!
Pat so excited for Matt to be a dad to a little boy!

Kerry brought a gift that was filled with some of Matt's old clothes and shoes!

He had to wear his old hat again.  Kinda small now :)

So we will welcome Hunter Joseph Schafer sometime in May!


Jennie said...

Such a cute reveal!! A boy will be so much fun. :) Congrats again!

Abigail said...

love the reveal party!