Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What have we been doing??

Well I have not been a good blogger but also don't feel like there is much to blog about these days.  We have been doing a lot I just forget to blog about it.  So let me sum up the beginning of 2013!

1.  We rung in the New Year with some of our closest friends.  I only got a few pictures from the night.  I have been bad about taking pictures!  But we had fun ringing in 2013.  It's going to be a great year!  My niece will be here within the week, Matt and I will become parents, 2 of our favorite couples will be getting married and many more adventures to come!

 Happy 2013!

1.  I am now 25 weeks pregnant and loving it!  I feel Hunter move a lot more and it is pretty cool.  Matt finally felt him the other night and he tells people that they high five a few times!  It's pretty cute to see him so excited and ready to be a dad.  Here is a pic at 25 weeks, it's not very good but I also am not good at taking the pictures.  He is growing that is for sure!!

25 weeks!

3.  Matt spent the last week in Vegas at Shot Show meeting some of our favorite Swampers!  He had such a great time and I know it was a trip he will remember for ever.  He went with his dad and spent 3 days looking at guns, ammo, hunting stuff and more.  It was a gun man dreams!  I am sure he will go back again.  Only disappointment was that he was not able to meet the Duck Dynasty crew.

Bruce!  Just as great of a guy in person Matt says.

Jay Paul and RJ.  Jay Paul is my favorite so Matt got a autographed picture for me!

4.  While Matt was hanging out with the Swampers I was at home painting our living area.  Since we moved in I have been talking about painting.  Our ceiling and walls were the same color and that drove me crazy for some reason.  So finally we got around to painting the living area and hallways.  It's a grey beige color and I will post pics once the decor is all up.  From the pictures you probably wont' be able to tell much difference but we can tell a change.  Next up-Hunter's room!

The cats were such great helpers!

I hope all is well with everyone and that 2013 is shaping up to be one of your best years yet!

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