Thursday, May 22, 2014


It is funny the different reactions I have received since telling people I am pregnant again. Oh yes, by the way we are expecting Baby #2 in December :)

Most people have been really excited (or at least acted like it in front of me), others have either voiced their opinions by facial expressions or actually saying what they are thinking. I do understand that everyone has the right to have their own opinion but when you are not in my shoes it is hard for you to understand. So let me explain it to those with the "not so excited' opinions.

1. "Wow, how close are they going to be? Seems really soon to be having another baby"
Hunter and Baby S will be around 20 months apart. Yes, that does seem close for you but not for me. Let me know how you feel when your doctor tells you 6 weeks after giving birth to your first child that if you want more than 1 you should probably not wait. We took her advice and did not wait.

2. "Are you sure this will be good for Hunter. Won't he feel replaced?"
Umm, what? Does your first child feel replaced? Ok, seriously who says stuff like this?

3. "Are you done having kids after this one?"
Well, honestly I can tell you that I say I know the answer to this question but at the same time maybe not. I do feel that this will be the last one for Matt and I. There are several reason for this. Mainly, I do not think, no I KNOW my heart can not handle losing another child. I have lost 2 children in the process of 4 years and I know my heart can not take anymore. Also, I have to think about money and how affording more than 2 will be very tough on our family. I want our 2 kids to be able to enjoy their childhoods and while they do that I want Matt and I to be able to enjoy it also without stressing about money.

4. "Hope you are ready to pay for 2 kids to go through college at the same time."
Well, not at this moment I am not, but I will be. My parents did it so I know it can be done. They weren't millionaires either. This is what parents do.

So needless to say, there has been a mixed bag of reactions but thankfully in my old age I am learning to let go of the ones that are not a benefit for me. Some people just don't have filter's and will say whatever is on their minds. I am so very excited to be able to bring another child into this world. Hunter will be the BEST big brother and I can't wait to watch him grow up with his little brother or sister. And seriously, we make cute kids so why not bring another into this world :)

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