Monday, February 28, 2011

Sometimes I just want to give up....

May 1 seems so far away but at the same time so close. I look at the training plan and think "I can totally do this" then I get out and can barely run 3 miles and I think totally different. I am following the marathon rookie plan and just finished week 3. On Monday I had 3 miles on my agenda so I headed to the gym to get it done. My legs were so tight that I didn't think there was anyway I was going to finish. Then I did a spin class which went well so it boosted my confidence a little. On Wednesday I went for a lunch time 4 miler with my friend Suzy and I was SO slow! I couldn't get going, I felt like I was going to have to stop the whole time. I just wanted to cry. I can't understand how I can run 5 miles at a 10min mile pace one day then barely break 11min on 4 miles a few days later. It was such a blow to my self esteem I wanted to just stop. Then the weather was pretty crap Thursday and Friday that I didn't get my run in, so I went Saturday with a friend and we went 3 miles. It was nice for me just to go and not think about anything and just run but the pace was still slower than I had hoped.

Sunday was a big deal for me. I went to Lawrence to meet a friend to do a 6miler. I was very worried about slowing Jaime down because I was not feeling very well but I still went out and did it. She kept telling me to not worry about it but it is still hard to know that someone is going at your pace when they can go faster. I know that it is important to get the miles in I just hate that I can't seem to keep the pace I have been at. Oh well I guess I am just being a baby. I should probably just be happy that I ran 6 miles and not worry that I did it in over and hour. UGH this is so frustrating sometimes.

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