Friday, March 4, 2011

Oh the joy

of running! I totally love it, I just don't like the pain that follows some times. So I have been having some knee pain lately and kept putting of going to the doctor for a couple reason, 1)I am stubborn like my dad and think it will just go away, 2) I didn't want to doctor to tell me to stop running because that would have made me SUPER upset and I probably would have cried, 3)I thought I was a tough girl and could deal with it. Well I caved and went to an Orthopedic yesterday, and made a fool of myself by telling him he was my new best friend because....HE TOLD ME I COULD STILL RUN!!!! I was so excited I wanted to jump off the table and give him a big hug, but I didn't. He would have been totally funny if I did though. HAHA

And my friend Suzy was so awesome because she was waiting for me when I got to the doc that morning to make sure I was ok. Having such great running buddies is totally AWESOME! Thank you Suzy!

So anyway, I don't have major problems in my knee just some inflammation or something like that. He didn't do an MRI just an X-ray because he didn't feel like I needed it yet but if it gets worse we will have to do that. He told me that I have plenty of space between my joints around my knee cap except for 1 area but the tissues was healthy so he didn't want to mess with it right now. That was great news! So now I just have to do some PT to strengthen my muscles...umm what I am not that strong??? Whoa what a blow to the ego :) and then ice after every run and take alleve everyday until the pain goes away. I am one happy runner knowing that I can still go out and do crazy things like run 13.1 miles in a few weeks!

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Jaime Thomas said...

Bummin! I'm having knee and ligament issues myself... not to mention my motivation is in the potty!

Maybe a little sunshine, and I'll start feeling better.