Friday, March 25, 2011

No training=Unhappy Rachel

So I have not blogged in a while due to the lack of training I have been doing. This makes me a very sad person but I know in the end the down time will be worth being healthy...or at least that is what I keep telling myself.

So I have been in physical therapy for about 3 weeks now and have been making we thought. The first 2 weeks were tough and I was still having pain in my left knee but it was getting better. We did stretches, exercises, icing and stem therapy (oh how I love stem therapy!) For the first week I rode a stationary bike for 15-20 minutes and let me tell you how much I hated every moment. I hated it because for someone that had been putting in 10-15miles a week going to just exercises for 20mins didn't even seem worth it. But I was a good little injured girl and did what Chad told me to do :) The next week I was able to put some weight on my legs and moved to the elliptical. Aww this was kinda like running so it made me happy. So far still just a little pain but not at all like I was having before. Chad thought I could ease myself into running last weekend and I was overjoyed with the news. I could not WAIT to get my shoes laced up and get back on the road. As much as I wanted to just go after it I followed instructions to do 5 min jog, 1 min walk for 20 mins. And... it went very bad!

First 5 min jog was good, my legs were getting loosened up and I didn't have much pain in my knee so I thought "oh this is awesome, I am getting it back" then the next 5 mins came and there was the lovely pain I remember! Not only was I having pain in my left knee my lower right leg was so tight and felt like someone had wrapped a thousand rubber bands around the bottom of my knee. The pain just kept shooting down the back of my leg. Oh no was my first thought, then my second was "I bet my legs are just sore from not running and I just need to loosen them up." So naturally I kept going...can you see my competitive side...or stupid side I don't know which. Anyway, I made it back to the house and iced my legs and did the exercises I was told to do and went on about my day. My legs were tight and I was having some pain in my left knee but I was able to push through it.

Monday I tried again...and I failed miserably! I could barely walk to get back to my office and when I got there I just broke down in tears. I was so upset and in so much pain. I didn't know what to do. I didn't have PT that day but thought about going in anyway to see if they could help, but I didn't. Chad called me on tuesday before my appt to check in because he was not going to be there when I got there and I broke down in tears again. Told him all about my weekend and he just listened and didn't even laugh! He told me he would call Dr. Chase and get me in right away because something was wrong and we needed it looked at. So Thursday came along and I hobbled over to see Dr. Chase and he confirmed that I have patellae tendinitis in my left knee! Great I thought, but he said it is not a big deal, just do some different rehad, some strength training and get a patellae band and I would be back on my feet soon. As for the right leg below is our conversation...

DC-"I don't want to assume anything but I am going to put this out there...I guess on Saturday you didn't exactly take things slow as in slow jog did you? I bet you went at your normal pace and pushed through the pain."
ME-(laughing)"why would you think I would do something like that??"
DC-with a very scowler gaze"Rachel, you HAVE to think back to when you just started this journey and remember the time you put in. You can't just pick it back up or you will do what you did and stain your calf muscle. You are lucky you didn't tear anything."
ME-(no longer laughing)-"I know, I am sorry. I will start slower next time, and work through recovery and not try to get back in so soon."

We shook hands and it's all good..I think. So I am back to PT, starting a strength training regiment with a personal trainer, and trying to get healthy. That is the running update...stay tuned for an actually Schafer family update soon!

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Travis and Natalie Riley said...

you can do it! I have kept you in my prayers...that your strength would return to your legs and the pain would subside. Hang in'll be back to new in no time!!!