Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend camping with several friends of ours. We took the chance to head south to a new area instead of camping in our usual spots. I am so glad we did! Cottonwood point at Marion Reservoir did not disappoint. We are already excited to go back next year. There is just something about being outside and having nothing on the agenda that helps you refocus.

On Saturday, Hunter found the 'swimming pool' which was really just a large puddle from where the rain caused overflow from the lake! All little boys (and girls) can smell mud from 100 miles away, for real. They can. Just ask them!

 This is my attempt to get Lily to take a nap. She was NOT having it and thought the better thing to do was sit on mom and see how long it would take for me to give in. She kept turning around, looking at me with her big beautiful eyes, laughing and then saying 'Hi'. It wasn't long before we were back outside! I am a sucker, I know :)

 After a day in the 'swimming pool' mud hole, the little guy was so tired. He didn't want to give in to  bed time so I just let him sit with me. Within minutes this was how things ended up. Matt kept asking if I wanted him to take Hunter to the camper and I just said 'No'. My heart was full because I knew times like these were getting fewer and far between. I soaked up every ounce of this night!

 We have some great friends that live close to where we were camping. They just had the most precious little miracle baby and I HAD to get my hands on her. Best part is they live on 40 acres and have a couple horses. Hunter was so excited to get to ride and Veronica was so patient and wonderful with him. He loved every minute of this and I loved getting to snuggle sweet little Clara.

 Sunday night we lit up the campsite...or the kids did! I had been stocking up on these glow sticks for a couple weeks. Best couple dollars I have spent! The kids loved them. The joy on their faces when we pulled them out and put them together was priceless. Reminds me time and time again to see life through the eyes of a child!

We had such a great weekend. As you can tell, the kids really enjoyed themselves. It was a very quite drive home that's for sure!

This weekend reminded me how important time with my family is and how quickly it can pass. I am honored to live in a country where I get to do this without fear. Another reflection from the weekend is that we truly are blessed to have men and women willing to risk their lives for us. I can't wait for my kids to get older so that I can teach them the importance of this day.

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