Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wedding Dress...

I am so excited to say that I have a wedding dress! I tried on several last month and thought that I had found the one, but that was when we thought we were going to do a destination wedding. Since moving the wedding to KS and not Mexico I went and tried on dresses again and found the perfect dress! I am so excited about it, and feel great about finding it.

This weekend my sister and I are going to look at flower girl dress for Emma. I can't wait, I know she is going to look so cute! My sister will also be trying on bridesmaid dress. I can't wait to have these few things out of the way so that Matt and I can focus on catering, cake, and decorations. It seems like everything is falling into place.

Matt will finally be here in less than 2 weeks and I can not wait. It will be so great to be in the same state, same city, same place more than just on the weekends. We are going to be able to start our life together and I look forward to it more than anything right now. I hate being away from him, I hate fighting with him on the phone because we are both so frusturated about the distance. It is going to be so much better when he is finally here. I know marriage is not easy and that everyday is a new day but I can not wait to be his wife and take those one day at a time days with him.

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Brandon and Kensie said...

Planning a wedding is SO much fun! When Brandon and I were planning our wedding, I was teaching/coaching and driving 50 miles one way to work. My schedule was CRAZY and we hated not being able to spend so much time together. It can be stressful....being apart is TEMPORARY....he's almost here!!