Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Engagement Photos

Here are a few engagement photos. They were taken by Matt's cousin. She is not our photographer but she did a great job. We had fun getting the done. I will not put up too many, don't want to overwhelm anyone :)

I promise my eyes are open. I need to figure out how to wear my make-up where it doesn't look like my eyes are closed!
This is one of my favorite pictures. I love the way it looks in front of the Schafer stone.

Had to get the teams in the pictures! not my favorite of me but oh well.

Love this one also. Almost covered up his Wildcat on the front of his shirt with my Aggie ring hand :) I got in trouble for that one.

But we had fun and got some great pics out of it. We had a busy but fun weekend. I love the holidays but I am ready for them to be over, so that the traveling is over :)


Brandon and Kensie said...

Great pictures, Rachel! Some of my most favorite pics of us are our engagement pics; you'll cherish these for a long time! You guys look happy together!!

Vanessa said...

Rach, I pictures are so great! You and Matt look so good! I love the one in front of the stone. Congrats!

Travis and Natalie Riley said...

Merry Christmas! I love the pics. His cousin did a great job. Y'all make a beautiful couple.