Thursday, January 9, 2014

2013 Year in Review...better late than never

We are 9 days into 2014 and I have yet to review everything that happened last year!  Wow, time really does get away from us sometimes.  So here goes my year in review!

We welcomed little Miss Chloe Madison Swanson into our family.  She is the cutest thing in the world and just adds so much joy to her Aunts heart.  Emma has adjusted to being a big sister and is one of the best I have seen.  She loves on Chloe, and helps her momma out with things and more.  It is fun to see them together and I was so excited to be able to be there with my sister.

Not a lot went on we were just trying to get everything together for the arrival of Hunter.  I was also diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes during March so that was fun to deal with for the last few weeks of pregnancy.  It was not as bad as I had imagined and am thankful the diagnosis kept Hunter and I healthy.

Matt and I celebrated 4 years of marriage.  We have had some ups and some (many downs) during those 4 years but I am thankful for the man I married and the life we have created together.

Also, the big news is we welcomed our little man into our lives!  Hunter was born on April 26 and from that day my life has changed.  He has brought more joy and love to my life than I ever though possible.  Matt and I have realized what we can do on little sleep :)  Hunter lights up any room he enters and has a laugh that is so contagious.  I have loved every minute with him even if it's at 4am.

We spent most of our days learning to adjust to life as a family of 3 during the month of May.

June was a little more exciting.  Hunter got to meet his great aunts, great uncles, and some cousins

at the Schafer Family reunion.  He finally got to meet his Uncle Nick as well.  He is excited to meet his Aunt Elora sometime as she was not able to make the trip.

Also, our dear friends Gabe and Karlie were married in June.  It was a beautiful wedding with even more beautiful people involved.  We are so happy for the 2 of them and blessed to have them in our lives.

Hunter made his first plane trip down to Texas to meet his PaPa, Aunts Lea and JoJo, Uncles Chris and Jason, and Cousins Emma, Chloe, and Faith.  He was not able to meet Matthew and Haylea on this trip.  He did get to meet some new people, Jennifer, Samantha, Trace and Brody.  It was so fun seeing all of the interact.

We took a trip to Herkimer, KS which I have been told is the best place on earth for the wedding of some other dear friends Dan and Kari.  We had a great time celebrating their marriage as well.  And Herkimer ain't too bad of a place :)

These months pretty much flew by.  In August we added a beautiful little girl to our group of friends, Miss Ellie Wade.  She was perfect from the beginning and I am pretty sure that Hunter and his buddy Jaceigh are going to corrupt little sweet Ellie.  It is going to be fun watching these little guys all grow up together.

October was Hunter's first Halloween and even though he didn't 'Trick or Treat' he still dressed up.

Again these months flew by with a lot of 'first'.  Hunter's first Thanksgiving and first Christmas.  Christmas we were really good and did not go overboard because as fun as the first Christmas is, we didn't want to waste a lot of money on stuff he had no interest in.  Now next year will be a different story.  Hunter's favorite part of Christmas was taking the ribbon off the tree EVERY TIME I PUT IT ON THERE.  He thought it was the best game ever!

So that was 2013.  I am hoping to be a better blogger this year so that I can really remember all that happened in the last year because my memory is TERRIBLE.  If I missed something that you were apart of last year I am sorry, my brain can't remember much these days.

There are so many more fun things that went on last year but this just sums it up a little.  Best wishes to all in 2014!

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