Saturday, January 4, 2014

I have an 8 month old...WHAAATTT??

Yes, I can't believe it that we have an 8 month old.  The time has flown by.  Before I know it I will be working on his first birthday party...that reminds me I need to get on Pinterest later :)

*disclaimer-he is still sick so I only got a few shots before he was done.

So Hunter turned 8 months on December 26 but with us traveling to Texas for Christmas, an unfortunate loss, and Hunter having his first ear infection I am just now getting to this post.  Life really does not go your way sometimes and before you know it it's a new year!

A few things about Hunter in month 8

"Hey what's back here?"
  • 20lbs!  Yes, this is off the bathroom scale I still can't believe it.  Chloe, his cousin who is 4 months old doesn't even weigh near that.  Hunterman just doesn't miss a meal.
  • LOVES his bath time still.  He got new toys for Christmas and has so much fun playing with them.  Although his favorite thing to do is splash water EVERYWHERE!
  • Wearing 6-9 month clothes but mostly 9 months.
  • Eating more solid food.  He LOVES pancakes! (just like his momma)
  • Says 'dadda', 'momma', and sometimes he will try his name
  • Loves to feed the dogs from his chair.  He doesn't throw the food on the floor he actually leans over to them and gives them the food from his hand
  • Thinks sneezes are funny
  • Was sleeping through the night but with being sick and a little growth spurt we are getting up once a night
  • Has 1 tooth just about to poke through.  We can see the whole and feel the tooth but it is not quite up yet
  • Has had his first ear infection.  I am thankful it took this long!
  • Still not a very good napper
  • Standing for a few seconds on his own.  Will walk with assistance.
Hunter is changing so much and I am loving every minute of watching him change.  He has brought so much joy to Matt and I!  We love him more than we can put into words.
 "Mom, I am done.  One more smile and that is it."

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