Thursday, April 30, 2009

Something good

I have been trying to get out of this funk that I have been in and trying to find something good and happy to write about...but still nothing! There really is not much going on with the Schafer's lately.

I think we have finally found a place to live though. I have been so tired of looking and coming up with nothing. It is a little more than we were looking to spend on rent but it is a nice house and in a good neighborhood. So once I know for sure that we are getting it, I will update everyone.

I am ready for school to be out. I am not in school anymore and not a teacher, I just work with college students. And it seems lately they all have some sort of excuse for EVERYTHING! I do not think I was like this in college, but then again I was not an athlete and not trying to get out of study table. I truly enjoy my job and helping these students, but sometimes they just get on my nerves! If it is not one thing its another, and all I really want to say to them is that if they were smarter and made better grades they would not have to find excuses to get out of study table. But that would be really mean of me so I just bite my tongue :)

I am looking forward to the summer, because Matt and I are planning a few trips to go and visit friends. In July we will head up north to Minnesota to visit my best friend Alisha and her boyfriend Kirk. I am so excited because I have heard so much about Minneapolis from Alisha and I can't wait to explore it with Matt. Then in Aug. we are heading to South Carolina to visit Amber and Chris. It is going to be a great time because 2 other friends from high school are going to be coming in with their significant others. We are finally going to have a chance to all catch up. I can't wait!

I have a few things to look forward to this summer. Less students around, trips to visit great friends, and fun places, and just spending time with Matt being married. It should be a great summer.


Alisha said...

I'm so excited for you to come visit in July! It'll be lots of fun. And glad you'll be here a few days so we will have an opportunity to show you a few different areas (Uptown and downtown at least). I'm really looking forward to it!

Alisha said...

I'm so excited for you to come visit this summer! Also, really glad you'll be here a couple days so we can take you out in different areas (Uptown and downtown Minneapolis at least). I really am looking forward to seeing you guys again! In June and then again in July! Yay!