Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 4-My Awesome Hubby

Today I am thankful for my hubby-Matt.  He is truly my better half...although don't let him know that!  He has been there for me through thick and thin and lots of laughs and tears.  Through it all he has never stood in front of me or behind me, he has always been beside me.

As some of you that know me, I am not the easiest to get along with. I can be pretty sensitive and take what other people say to heart and then I turn around and take it out on Matt.  Weird thing is is that he had NOTHING to do with it in the first place, and you know what this man does...he smiles through it and tells me he loves me.  Which kinda makes me mad but only for a second.  I can be ungrateful at times but that does not keep him from doing wonderful things for me.  I can be mean for no reason and the most loving wife 2 seconds later (and no this does not happen all the time, I am usually a pretty fun person to be around) and yet he still loves me.

He has been my rock, he has been my voice when I could not say what was on my heart, he has been my shoulder to cry on, and has been the laughter I needed when the days were pretty dark.  I love him more and more everyday and I can not wait for our journey to continue.  I feel truly blessed to call this wonderful man my husband and I so thankful for him and should probably tell him more :)

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Travis and Natalie Riley said...

So so thankful for the BOTH of you! We love being around y'all and hope we can see y'all soon KS or TX