Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekend of Thanks

I am just going to sum up my weekend of thanks with one word....FOOTBALL!  I truly am thankful for football.  It calms my heart, almost gives me a heart attack makes me cry, scream and laugh all at the same time!  It is the craziest thing ever that all those emotions can happen all at the same time.

Saturday was such a great day for me.  My Aggies decided to show up all 4 quarters of the football game against Kansas!  It was great and I hope that they decide to show up for all 4 this Thursday against Texas!  I will always be an Aggie fan whether they are winning or losing.  I bleed maroon and will until the day I die.

I also enjoyed watching Kansas State (my other school but that I don't love near as much as I do A&M) beat Texas for the 3rd straight time!  I would have preferred the offense showing up a little more but a win is a win.  I am proud of those boys to continue to excel even though every week they are the underdog.  Collin Klein is probably one of the best quarterbacks I have seen in some time.  He truly leaves EVERYTHING out on that field.

The last game of the night that I truly enjoy was watching Baylor beat OU.  I do not root for Baylor very often since I am an Aggie and well you all probably know....But I did on Saturday night.  My best friend is a Baylor Bear and I could not be happier for her and this win.  RG3 is truly a great quarterback and I hope that he continues to excel in his career.  He will be fun to watch on Sundays.  I am thankful that Amber was able to spend such a great game with her sister.  I am sure it made it that much sweeter.  I almost cried for those Bears on Saturday night because they put their whole heart in that game and it showed.

So yes, I am kinda weird that I am thankful for Football, but come on it is such a crazy intense game to watch!

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