Monday, November 7, 2011

Day 5-InLaws

Sorry these are late I don't use the computer on the weekends to blog.

Day 5
I am thankful for my in-laws.  My mother and father in-law have been such a blessing to Matt and I in the this transition of moving back to Kansas and getting settled into a new house.  Even when we lived in Texas they always made an effort to come and visit us to helps us feel close.  And they even make me my own apple pies :)

Chris-my brother-in-law is such a hard worker and a great provider to my sister and Emma.  Our family was blessed when this long haired bandanna wearing boy came into our lives.

Nick and Elora have also been blessings to me and I am thankful they are in my life also.  Things can be rough with siblings and I might take things a little too much to heart but in the end I am still very thankful for them both.

And sometime in the future when my brother gets his act together I will be adding another sister to the family.  I am overjoyed to add Ashley to the mix and can't wait for the holidays so that I can get to know her more!

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